Puss in Boots – The Crypto Tavern for 1E9 Festival 2024

Web3 can sometimes be a bit dry of a topic. But what if you combined it with cherry brandy!? Is this seroius or fun? Yes! Welcome to „Puss in Boots – The Crypto Tavern“ a cozy hangout for web3 cats at 1E9’s Festival of the Future – and beyond. The Crypto Tavern is a hybrid installation exploring web3 as a stage for decentralized community activities. The Tavern consists of digital crypto wallets and smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain as well as a physical booth at the Deutsches Museum during 1E9 Festival 2024.

This guide explains the background of the Crypto Tavern and how you can participate.

"Puss in Boots" Info Screen at 1E9 Festival. Image: Max Haarich.

Background – Can Money be More Like Hugs?

The project is based on the experiences of „HUX 4 ALL“, a crypto currency experiment on how money could be more perceived and used as a shared ressource to do good to each other. A smart contract would allow you to send a friend 1 million of my personal $HUX currency, which I had distributed by airdrop before. Each transfer would create two NFTs with images of cute cates for both transfer partners. By sending the million $HUX on to another person, or back tot he first person, the smart contract would create ever more NFT memories of virtual hugs for minimum transaction costs.

A $HUX Memory NFT, edition of 2. Image: Max Haarich.

From HUX 4 ALL to HUX 4 EVER

„HUX 4 ALL“ was limited to 42 pre-generated images. For this year’s Future Island Track at 1E9 Festival, the „HUX 4 EVER“ smart contract is connected to a Stable Diffusion API for potentially endless image generations via the URL: https://hux4ever.vercel.app/

Screenshot of HUX 4 EVER. Image: Max Haarich.

How to Hug on the Blockchain – The $HUX Memory NFT

  1. In the upper left corner of the homepage you will find a button to sync your wallet. After clicking, your personal Tezos wallet will ask you for confirmations.
    How to get a Tezos wallet? The fastest and easiest way is to use „Kukai“ Tezos wallet, which allows you to create a fully functional wallet within seconds via social login.
  2. At the bottom oft he page you find one field to enter the Tezos wallet address of the person you want to send virtual hugs to. When you click the button below, your personal wallet will ask for confirmations again. This will cost you a small transaction fee in Tezos (~0.08€).
    Where to get Tezos? On the home page of HUX 4 EVER you will find a „get tez“ button. You can once receive ~3.5 tez as long as supply lasts. You can also add your Tezos Address to this gSheet. I will check this list regularly during the next days and transfer 1 million $HUX to every address entered.

That’s it…Almost

A few seconds later, a preview image of your NFT will be visible under „My NFTs“. You can also find it in your wallet as well as on Tezos NFT platforms like Objkt.com. (At the time of writing, objkt.com does not show preview images. We are in contact with them to resolve this soon).

Screenshot of the „Puss in Boots“ crypto wallet on objkt. Image: Max Haarich.

Drinking with Crypto Cats – The Cherry Brandy NFT

In the „My NFTs“ section, every new $HUX Memory NFT comes with the option „Send #x to Tavern“. If you click this buttion, the NFT will actually be transfered to another wallet address called „Puss in Boots – Crypto Tavern“. You will receive a new NFT with an image showing two cats cherry brandy shots at the bar. If you and your initial transfer partner both send your shared $HUX Memory NFTs to the tavern address, you will even receive a voucher NFT for a physical cherry brandy shot (only valid during 1E9 Festival 2024 and maybe later upon request).

Max Haarich Checking NFT vouchers together with Otto the Octopus. Image. Erdö Gabor Máté.

Dubious Guests at the Crypto Tavern

However, there is no real bar without shady figures. From time to time, a helpless thimblerigger might offer to play some games via https://thimblerigger.vercel.app/. The smart contract shows that this is a scammer that cannot make profit but will even give you $HUX. He probably minted too many Cherry Brandy Voucher NFTs.

„The Thimblerigger“ Blockchain Performance. Image: Max Haarich.

See you at the Crypto Tavern - cheers!

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