Corona: Hope Spreading Messages

Three hope spreading messages to the circles around you:

  1. This deep corona crisis accelerates actual decisions in a way we never had in the history of mankind. These decisions and the resulting structures (as digitalisation and regional economics but more important affectionate aid one another) will survive in the time after corona.

  2. Because all people on our planet earth are infected by the same main problem now we all work close together to find creative solutions and share them free of charge. This kind of very effective worldwide pull together will survive the crisis too.

  3. One effect of the worldwide corona shutdown is visible today already:

    Slow down of all kind of activities

    The results are:

    • Much lesser pollution in all spheres resulting in a quick regeneration of the local nature
    • Quiet and empty streets, no airplane noise, clean water and air (an experience many of us never had or have forgotten)
    • Focus on private life with our family and friends

All this becomes manifest in the souls on our earth.

When Corona is outplayed we will have a mind-blowing worldwide party our earth has never seen and we will talk about for ages.

And please have in mind that we humans are the most spreading and dangerous virus on this planet for any kind of life we normally should care about.

So when the corona crisis is over we will have to rebuild our business and industry.

This is the important and big chance to change direction to sustainability.

This way we can save our planet by focusing on environmental conservation, modest economics and social set-up of our societies.

Stay tuned and healty:heavy_heart_exclamation:

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