Who's at 1E9 THE_CONFERENCE? Introduce yourself and get to know each other!

Hi everyone @Konferenzteilnehmer!

Great that you’re all joining us on July 11th for 1E9 THE_CONFERENCE. As the event will just be the starting point of a lasting community, we’d love to connect you with each other - and that’s why we started this section here. Please introduce yourself shortly! Then others can see your profile and send you a private message easily.

Please note: Only conference attendees can see this section, it’s not public.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!
Your 1E9-Team

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Hi there! I’m Wolfgang Kerler, a co-founder of 1E9 and our editor-in-chief. I’m a journalist by heart, and I love to discuss technology with an optimistic approach (which doesn’t mean, I am naive, of course :nerd_face:). On July 11th, you’ll see me on our keynote stage where I’ll be opening up and closing the day, and I’ll also be the moderator of some panels on the keynote stage.

If you want to know more about 1E9, our online magazine or if you got a story that we should definetely cover, get in touch :slight_smile: Great that you’re all joining us!

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Hi hello,

Herbie hier! Bin bei Vito Ventures auf Mission eine neue Gründerära als Kapitalgeber mit zu initiieren; Firmen wie Isar Aerospace oder Themen wie Quantencomputer, robotics oder autonome Systeme treiben uns um.

Als Mitgründer von 1E9 kommt nun ein weiterer Baustein hinzu, um gemeinsame große Visionen und einer neuen Gründergeneration im deep tech auch ein Sprachrohr zu geben.

Wenn ihr ähnlich wie ich für die 1E9 Themen brennt und Ideen für gemeinsame Projekte habt oder euch einfach einbringen wollt sprecht mich an / schreibt mir.

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Hi, my name is Krischan and I’m another co-founder of 1E9 and head of platform & community. I fell in love with a Commodore 64 in 1983 and have been a part time nerd since then. Before 1E9 I worked at Condé Nast Germany for quite some time – being reponsible for the digital stuff of brands like WIRED, VOGUE, GLAMOUR and GQ. I’m from Lower Franconia, so not really a chatterbox, if you come up and talk to me. But please do so, it’s always great to meet new people! And please enjoy your stay at our first 1E9_THE_CONFERENCE! :man_astronaut: :woman_astronaut: :rocket:

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Hi everybody, let me briefly introduce myself.

My name is Hannes Brellochs, I am founder and managing director sportstech startup Talentpioneer and initiator of the event series Startupgeflüster.

When I am not helping to create ventures and digital products, I am trying to build bridges between statups and corporates and connect entrepreneurs.

Let’s share our visions about the future and engage in a discussion how to make it happen! Feel free to text me or speak to me at the event. Look for a tall blonde guy, I am not to be overlooked.

See you at 1E9!

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Hallo! Um herauszufinden, was ich kann, schreibe @1E9_Bot Hilfe.

Hi everyone,

I am Tina, a software entrepreneur from Munich with a passion for good tech and online communities - former founder of GymZap, the first Internet sports club in Germany, and current CEO of Mentessa - a collaboration platform for the future of work.

I believe in the power of technology to transform society. Recently I wrote the book “Big Heart Ventures” to inspire more builders for purpose-driven action and ethics in entrepreneurship. As every computer science nerd I have never been sure about being an introvert or an extrovert. This is why I love writing :sweat_smile:

Happy to meet you and talk about the future of everything - a future when we can build anything!


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Hey fellow 1e9 attendees, my name is Christian and professionally I am an Talent Scout for Hubert Burds Media, an international Media Tech Company offering exiting roles (some can be done up to 90% remote). Personally I am also a Blockchain and Crypto enthusiast and interested in topics as machine learning or algorithmic trading.

Happy to chat with you at the conference and/or the speakers dinner!

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Hi! My name is Stefan. Besides developing marketing & PR at Munich-based 3D printing start-up Kumovis, I’m a sustainability enthusiast. Let’s find long-term solutions to solve the problems of the future together.

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Hi, my name is Jan. I am Quantum Physicist who has just announced a seed investment round in our fresh Quantum Computing startup called IQM. I hope to grow the quantum ecosystem in Europe and in particular in the place of my alma mater, Munich, which is a great hub for quantum technologies. We aim to use new technologies to make this world a better place.

Happy to connect during the dinner and the conference!

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I am Michael Förtsch, senior editor and nerd-in-chief of 1E9. I have previously worked with Wolfgang at WIRED Germany. I’m not only writing for 1E9, but also for magazines like Spiegel Online, Focus.de and various newspapers.

At the conference you will see me with the camera in one and an audio recorder in the other hand. If you have an interesting story to tell, get in touch ; )

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hi everyone,

I am Daria and I am the co-founder of 1E9! I am super excited to meet you all in 2 days and very thankful for your trust in us!

As venture capitalist at Vito ONE, I invest into tech driven founders who question and re-define the way we live, work and build our cities! So please feel free to reach out and let’s chat!

See you soon :earth_americas::rocket::flying_saucer:


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Professionally, I am program manager for Intel’s deep learning activities for design automation of all kinds of chipsets. In this regards, I lead a mostly scientific team pushing the frontiers of scalable application of deep learning. I closely collaborate with TUM and a couple of US universities. I am always on the lookout for talents!

Privately, I enjoy philosophical, technical, political, and basically all kinds of debates which don’t focus on sports. I am an amateur singer/songwriter as well. And a passionate tennis player. So reach out if you find overlaps :slight_smile:

I am really happy to get in touch to entrepreneurs in Germany - as of today I only know these meet-ups from San Francisco area…

See you at 1E9,

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my name is Detlef (nickname delfi) and I studied mechatronics years ago. I worked over 30 years in the telecommunications industry in different positions (industrial engineer, production planer, product manager, development engineer). May be more important is my 30 years practice in Aikido (japanese martial art) and zen meditation. In the year 2018 I reached my early retirement and be free now in my attentions.

My focus is on all kinds of sustainable solutions. But there are lots of ideas and projects in different areas I could never push forward during my life as permanent employee. I am excited to attend the 1E9 Conference and meet you all there to learn what‘s in your mind.

See you

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Hi, I am Christiane. I am founder of the XR WORLD ACADEMY (XRWA), an XR Education platform for trainers in XR and people interested in learning in and about Extended Realities (XR) and beyond.

XR means something to you, but you don’t know where to go, where to start, to create or to learn more? You would like to meet people like you, who want to learn more about XR or share knowledge and expertise? The XR World Academy can get you all about XR, VR, AR, 360, Holoride, Holoportation, Holofurnish, Remote Reality, 3D, 4D and beyond.

Are you a student, developer, teacher, trainer or a storyteller, a creative person, an experienced extended reality buff? Then the XR World Academy is your community, your hot spot to experience immersive learning of the future.

Looking very much forward to the 1E9 Conference to meet you and talk about future ideas and developments!

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Hi everyone. My name is Konstantin from vr-on, a Munich based StartUp for Virtual Reality conferencing in the cloud. I’ve graduated from TU Munich in 2015 and worked for several StartUps since focusing on sales growth.

For all UE4 enthusiasts around here: we are the organizer of the Unreal Meetup Munich. The next venue is set up for September. Just let me know in case you want to be a part of it!

I am excited to get to know other Entrepreneurs and to learn about their experience with growth hacking and sales strategy around SaaS and other software startup scenarios.

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Good morning everyone! My name is Amelie and I don’t actually have what you would call a traditional technical or scientific background – I am a translator and interpreter who specialises in these fields though and as such I am very passionate about learning about current trends, developments, etc.

When I am not busy juggling words I enjoy doing archery and fencing, hiking and reading. I spent the last six years in the UK but am glad to be back in beautiful Bavaria now.

And I am of course looking forward to getting to know lots of other entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts tomorrow!

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Hi there! My name is Florian, I am managing director of Hotwire, a communications consultancy. We focus 100% on tech and innovation and work for clients such as LinkedIn, Nuance (speech recognition, smart assistants), Vivy and many other exciting ones. I am driven by curiosity. What’s next? What innovation will gain traction? Which is just a big fraud? (Looking at you, blockchain… :wink: Looking forward to meeting many smart minds and forward thinking people!

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hi everyone,

my name ist Thomas and I’m a venture capitalist at Redalpine, an early stage VC fund based in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m super excited to meet many of you tomorrow!

whoopwhoop! :rocket:

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Hi, I am Heidi. I am a communications expert with a knack for tech and always on a mission to find the right words and measures to bring my clients’ point across. Currently very much interested in everything blockchain / DLT. Looking forward to meeting the community!

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