Round table: Exponential Technologies, Impact and Venture Capital

In the next couple of years, we will see a lot of exponential technologies emerge, almost all at the same time. The developments are rapidly converging to produce new and exponential technologies that will have a game-changing impact on the near future economies and societies. Exponential technologies have very disruptive qualities. Mismanagement can be disastrous but at the same time, they represent one of the great drivers of social and economic growth.

According to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN most of the world already fails to achieve an inclusive and sustainable future. The UN predicts that impact investment of roughly 3 BN USD per year is needed to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Fortunately the term “Impact investment” is now extremely popular and everyone wants to get on the bandwagon. That’s great, or is it?

We want to have a discussion about what Impact Investment really is and the benefit for society and if, combined with a tech-driven venture capital model, it can help to achieve sustainable and inclusive societies.

We are going to touch on topics such as:

  • How can you measure the impact and make sure financial and social goals are aligned?
  • Where impact investment and where not - does a VC model always work, and if not how can we combine Venture Capital, donations, grants and other forms of capital allocation?
  • How can we align financial and sustainability goals with traditional co-investors, LPs and Partners

And more philosophical - is Venture Capital the right model and should impactful investment not be the default investment strategy? How can we get there?

Take part in the discussion and join:

Julia M. Profeta Johansson -

Aline Vedder -

Sohaila Ouffata - BMW iVentures

David Galipeau - SDGx

Bernhard Kowatsch - World Food Program

Sona Stadtelmeyer-Petru - Allianz

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