Julia Profeta Johansson, Founder, JPJ Lab/Ella Impact


Julia is an impact investing and venture capital specialist based in Berlin, Germany, since 2017, who has been featured among the top women investing in tech in Latin America, writes about impact investing for the BMW Foundation blog and is the founder of JPJ Lab, a Venture Capital and Impact consultancy, and Ella Impact, a global community of women focused on developing connections and knowledge around the theme of impact investments and impact businesses, and co-founder of Startup.Life Berlin.

She was previously a partner at Vox Capital, the first impact investing fund manager in Brazil, has also worked with Yunus Social Business, Rocket Internet, Ita├║ BBA, and Mundo InNova, her former business innovation magazine. Julia holds a Bachelor degree in business administration from FGV-SP, studied at the University of Mannheim in Germany and at the Disney Institute in California. Julia has also studied photography and filmmaking and is going into entertainment, to use it as a positive social transformation tool at large scale.