Reclaim the Future: The Dawn of Synthetic Media – from Deepfakes to Digital Avatars

Don’t miss the next edition of Reclaim the Future!, the event series by 1E9 and the Future Forum by BMW Welt. On October 27th 2020 at 5 PM, we’ll take you into the world of deepfakes, digital avatars and voices that sound real but aren‘t. We are at the beginning of a media revolution!

The Livestream starts at 5PM

Who hasn’t dreamt of playing the leading role in their own favorite movie? This dream could soon become reality. Because with artificial intelligence, faces can already be swapped in videos. Clips are circulating on the Internet in which Tom Selleck plays Indiana Jones instead of Harrison Ford. The quality of these deepfakes is getting better and better. And start-ups have already developed digital avatars of people with which realistic videos can be created without a living person in front of the camera. Speech can now also be generated synthetically.

Advances in AI are leading to new synthetic media – opening up entirely new possibilities for entertainment, customer service or content creation. But fakes can also be a danger if they are used to spread false information, hate or agitation. How can we take advantage of the opportunities offered by this technology while minimizing the risks?

Our speakers

  • Natalie Monbiot, Head of Business Strategy, HourOne
    Natalie is the Head of Business Strategy and member of the founding team at HourOne. She leads all commercial efforts out of New York City. Prior to HourOne, Natalie was the Senior Vice President of Futures at Publicis Groupe, with special focus on Samsung, where she helped define Samsung’s Health & Wellness go-to-market, as well as growth opportunities in emerging tech including AI, blockchain and 5G. Prior to Publicis, Natalie spent more than a decade at Interpublic Group agencies. She served as Managing Partner, Head of Digital at UM, where she defined the agency’s digital strategy, and helped win new clients, including Coca-Cola, Sony, BMW USA and Spotify. Natalie is a regular speaker on emerging tech topics at top global conferences, including Web Summit, Collision and Cannes Lions.

  • Nick Nigam, Principal, Samsung NEXT Europe
    Nick is a Principal at Samsung NEXT Europe, where he focuses on early stage investments. He was heavily involved in establishing and building out the Samsung NEXT Europe team. Nick played a key role in Samsung NEXT’s investments in LiquidSky, Sorenson Media, and Spatial, and is a Board Observer for Unbabel and Grover. Nick was also involved in Samsung NEXT’s acquisition of AdGear. He received an MBA from MIT and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Nottingham. He began his career as a finance lawyer at Dewey & LeBoeuf, then Morgan Lewis, in London and Moscow.

  • Jonas Mayer, Consultant, TNG Technology Consulting
    Jonas Mayer works in the Innovation Hacking Team of TNG Technology Consulting where his main focus lies on creating innovative showcases and prototypes in both soft- and hardware. Since 2018 he’s been working on numerous projects ranging from real-time deepfakes, over mixed reality art experiences, all the way to autonomous miniature drones. Prior to joining TNG, Jonas studied Informatics: Games Engineering at the TU Munich. Apart from the obvious game projects throughout the course of his studies, he focused mainly on artificial intelligence and high performance computing.

How to watch and participate

The livestream will be embedded on this very page (just look above). You can also follow it on our Facebook page. And we will share the link via LinkedIn.

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Diese live deepfake masks sind „amazing“ - Kann Jonas von TNG die verfügbar machen? Am besten als plug-in für zoom calls oder google meets :slight_smile:

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If anything is possibly fake, how fast do you think the public will adapt? And then, how do you technically define truth?

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Thanks for the great topic! What is the time frame for the digital twins to step in for me? I’m so tired of Zoom calls et alii. :wink:

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Thank you@Wolfgang, 1E9 Team and guests! Very interesting. Thank you for adressing the ethical question as well, although it’s kind of hard to answer that roughly.

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