LIVESTREAM at 4 PM // Can Europe become a leader in quantum computing?

Reclaim the Future, our event series with the Future Forum by BMW Welt, is going international. On June 30, starting at 4 p.m., we want to discuss with experts whether and how Europe can play a leading role in quantum computers. This time in English. Join us!

The livestream starts at 4 PM

Right now, American companies seem to take the lead in the development of quantum computers. But Europe could soon catch up – because of its own strengths: a network of well-connected research institutions, industry leaders and promising start-ups. And now even politicians seem to have recognized the opportunity. The German government, for example, has just increased funding for quantum computers to two billion euros.

What does the European quantum community need to be successful? How long do we have to wait until quantum computers bring real benefits to science, but also to industry? How can we prevent a quantum winter? And when will Europe’s first quantum computer go into operation? This is what we will discuss with leading experts from the quantum community.

Our speakers:

  • Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-Founder of IQM, who is building revolutionary quantum computers
  • Prof. Dieter Kranzlmüller, head of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
  • Oliver Wick, Technology Scouting, Lead Future Computing Technologies, BMW Group
  • Thomas Hubregtsen, Lead Quantum Computing, BMW Group
  • With a special video message from Prof. Dr. Angelika Niebler, Member of the European Parliament

Don’t miss it!

The event will be broadcast as a live stream – and you can follow it here on our platform as well as on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. You already have questions for the speakers? Then ask them here under this post.

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  1. Fraunhofer was big in the news with an IBM deal. In the Netherlands(Delft) Intel is financing quantum hardware developments. It seems US corporations are profiting from the talent and IP being generated in Europe but also the application know-how at corporate and institutions side.
    I hope that these old models can be overcome in order to create an own industry and capability from ground up and leading in the world.
    How likely do you think is this?

  2. Apparently innovation is done by young startups and the LRZ can play a key role as has already been reported here at 1E9.
    Who in such a „consortium“ or partnership model could take the lead?

  3. Is the innovation being generated in Europe really that advanced that we could take the lead? Would be great to have Dr. Jan Goetz to comment on this.

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Klasse Format - top Thema, @Wolfgang! acatech hat kürzlich eine Bestandsaufnahme zu Innovationspotentialen der Quantentechnologien vorgenommen und mit der Bundesregierung diskutiert. Vielleicht für Euch ja auch interessant:

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Super Studie und ein Screenshot um zu verdeutlichen welche Bedeutung diese quantum Computer Initiativen hinsichtlich Souveränität und technischer Fähigkeit haben:


Googles quantum supremacy experiment hat gezeigt dass wir mit diesen Maschinen Wissen zugänglich machen können, dass uns mittels klassischen Rechnern nicht zugänglich sein wird.

Die Quantenrechner als neue Informationsverarbeitungsmaschinen sind von höchster Relevanz! Und vor allem die Fähigkeit diese selbst zu planen, zu konstruieren und zu bedienen.

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Über Mark Sims bin ich auf diesen jungen Mann gestoßen, der Euch vielleicht interessieren wird:

Er heißt Deep Prasad und arbeitet in Toronto.

Hier sind Beiträge die ihn vorstellen:

Das hier ist seine Homepage:

Quelle: Interview von Mark Sims mit Joel Hynek veröffentlicht am 6. Juli 2020
Beginnt bei etwa 06:00:00

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