Why Space Matters - the digital transformation is a spatial transformation

The digital transformation is a spatial transformation. While routine tasks and repetitive work will be digitized, the challenges of complex problems still require the interaction face-to-face: a space to engage with others and a space to explore and discover. Creativity has become an economic driver beyond social romanticism. We are moving from hierarchies to self-organized networks using space as medium for innovation. The control paradigm of a century of industrialization is shifting towards content. And this content is created and made visible in the areas we live, work and move in. What does this mean for our cities and urban environments? Shall we follow a Silicon Valley Urbanism or do we need to act towards a diverse and divergent space? The talk reflects on current shifts in workspaces and their implications for urban areas. It asks, if Munich is prepared for the spatial permanent beta state, and what kind of actions are needed.


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