Christos Chantzaras, Architect & Co-Director TUM Architecture Research Incubator, Technical University of Munich


Christos has over 10 years of experience as architect and consultant for office, R&D and production buildings. After working in China for several years, extending an architectural branch and directing projects for the automotive industry, he set up an architectural strategy team in Berlin. End of 2016 he joined the TUM Department for Architecture as lecturer and researcher to open the profession towards fields beyond building design. His focus is on architectural entrepreneurship and how thinking of architecture can be applied to innovation processes. Related to this, Christos co-directs a TUM Architecture Research Incubator (ARI) for cross-industry co-operations. At his office ‚the permanent beta‘ he works independently on topics of design-driven strategies, innovation process architecture and design, and the future of work. His claim: the digital transformation is a spatial transformation, buildings will become the servers of the future.