Martin Johann Fröhlich, Head of New Horizons, New Digital Business at Deutsche Bahn AG


Martin Johann Fröhlich is a new generation entrepreneur. Following his studies in International Management in Berlin, Paris, London, Chengdu/China and time spent at Siemens in Denmark, he becomes self-employed. As a fresh and daring entrepreneur, he founded his fashion label Martin Joyeux and is today Head of New Horizons at Deutsche Bahn. He is passionate about thinking differently and tackling new ideas, putting this into practice as a lecturer in Starting & Founding Businesses at a number of different universities like LMU Munich, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, HDM Stuttgart etc. In addition, Martin is an active business angel in companies such as FitAnalytics, Massagio, Martin Joyeux, Seth Schwarz, MPWR etc. In his free time he is a songwriter and fashion designer.