Demelza Hays, Fund Manager, Incrementum


Demelza Hays is a fund manager of a regulated cryptocurrency fund owned by Incrementum AG, which is a boutique wealth management firm in Liechtenstein. She is also the editor of the Crypto Research Report, which focuses on the cryptocurrency market in the German-speaking countries.

Ms. Hays is currently completing her Ph.D. in Business Economics at the University of Liechtenstein. She has been teaching a course on the blockchain technology at the University of Liechtenstein since 2016 and was the first person to install a Bitcoin ATM in Liechtenstein in 2017. Her doctoral supervisor, Dr. Andrei Kirilenko, is the former Chief Economist of the Commodities Future Trading Commission, and the topic of her thesis is portfolio management of crypto assets. Dr. Kirilenko is currently a professor at Cambridge University.