Scars of Democracy

:zap:celebrating freedom of expression –:zap:
Carsten Popp @1E9 | Plan.Net – together with STROKE ARTFAIR

„The rights of artists to express themselves freely are under threat worldwide…”
(Deeyah Khan, Unesco Ambassador for Artistic Freedom and Creativity)

STROKE Art Fair supports artists that are bold enough to defend and articulate their point of view. STROKE embraces the importance of the freedom of expression in arts and entertainment: a human right as of 1948 set out in Article 19 by the United Nations General Assembly.
Together with street artist ‘Capo’s Finest’, an immersive online gallery was created – based on large scale watercolor portraits. A courageous look at 8 political leaders and their decisions – interpreted as tattoos, symbolizing irrevocability of political actions.

Each motive is mirrored by handpicked content snippets from a wide range of global news portals. Explore this “polit-entertainment-feature” live at Blitz Bar 1 with the augmented reality App “Scars of Democracy”

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