Reclaim the Future: It's time to rethink plastic!

In our digital event series Reclaim the Future with the Future Forum by BMW Welt on 28 July from 4 PM, we wanted to address a challenge that concerns many people: Why it is time to free the world of plastic waste and finally recycle it. The event was streamed in English. You missed it? No problem, you can watch it here!

Our seas, rivers and lakes are full of plastic waste. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to invisible microplastics: Plastic, which is used in almost all industries and in retail because of its many advantages, has also become an environmental problem.

How can we clean up our waters? And how can we use plastic in such a way that it does not become an environmental problem in the first place? Scientists have already developed technologies to filter microplastics from water. Start-ups are developing business models to collect large plastic residues from the sea and turn them into new products. And large companies are also finding new ways to use old plastic in their products. After all, the aim must be to use plastics in a circular economy - and not as a disposable product that ends up in the trash or even in the sea. Together with experts from science, startups and design, we want to discuss what a more sustainable use of plastics could look like - and how this could benefit our waters and our environment.

Our Speakers:

  • Dr. Katrin Schuhen is not only an inventor, researcher, developer and TEDx-speaker, but also founder and CEO of Wasser 3.0, an award-winning, non-profit startup that develops solutions to remove micro pollutants from various waters. Before founding Wasser 3.0, she worked as Junior Professor for Organic and Ecological Chemistry at the University of Koblenz-Landau.
  • Daniela Bohlinger, Head of Sustainability Design at BMW Group, played a significant role in the sustainable design of the BMW i3, and she established the topic of sustainability at BMW Group Design.
  • Benjamin Mandos is the founder and CEO of GOT BAG, a young german start-up which developed the world’s first backpack made of ocean plastic. GOT BAG’s slogan „Create an Impact!“ represents his strive for clean oceans and rising awareness regarding plastic pollution.
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Starkes Lineup! Freu mich auf Katrin Schuhen und bin gespannt was Daniela Bohlinger über Die Autowirtschaft zu sagen hat!
Eine 1E9 reclaim the future Variante vom got bag fände ich cool

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Was hält Katrin vom Sprind Investment in die Makro mikroplastik Lösung über mikroflotation von Roland damann?