Keynote von Björn Ommer: Generative AI - Brave New World?

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Den Anfang macht die Keynote von Prof. Björn Ommer von der Universität München. Ihr Titel: „Generative AI - Brave New World?“

Darum geht’s:
Generative AI is rapidly becoming a powerful enabling technology that revolutionizes the way computers support business, industry, research, and everyday life. With the increasing potential of this technology come significant novel opportunities - but also challenges for our societies. In this talk I will debunk some of the currently circulating myths and point out ways to mitigate the most pressing issues on the horizon.

Und das ist unser Speaker:
Björn Ommer is a full professor at the University of Munich where he is heading the Computer Vision and Learning Research Group. Before he was a full professor in the department of mathematics and computer science at Heidelberg University. Björn received his diploma in computer science from University of Bonn and his PhD from ETH Zurich. Thereafter, he was a postdoc at UC Berkeley. His research group is teaching computers to „see“ - to understand and learn from our world simply by watching it. Although true image understanding is still an ambitious goal, this research has already demonstrated its great transformative power: recently, the group has published a generative AI known as „Stable Diffusion“, which is now democratizing the creation of visual content and opening up new directions in the arts, media, entertainment, and beyond. Björn is fascinated to see what we will be able to create with improved support by computers in the future, when AI is turning them into more powerful AND more accessible tools. He also sees a great need for public dialogue on how societies can positively embrace this powerful technology to maximize the benefit for the masses and minimize its risks.

Wer mehr erfahren möchte, kann unser deutschsprachiges Interview mit Björn Ommer lesen:

Der KI-Bildgenerator Stable Diffusion stammt aus München – und soll KI „demokratisieren“ - Magazin - 1E9

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