Jutta Juliane Meier, Founder & CEO, IDENTITY Valley


Jutta Juliane Meier is a Silicon Valley insider. She represents the bridge between Germany and the Valley and also has the ability to orchestrate the desired cooperation and change in a multicultural environment.

Jutta is very passionately working with large corporations, governmental bodies, academic initiatives such as TUM HyperLoop and the ROBOY project in order to connect and shape the future by cultivating an exceptional innovation network.

Through her work, she is constantly confronting the impact and challenges new technology will bring to the world. In response to her core values she founded the IDENTITY Valley with the purpose to challenge the legendary Silicon Valley.

At 1E9 she’ll be introducing her new non-profit initiative with its technological and societal contribution to global innovation. Thereby changing our view on how we define the sense of our self and the rights of machines in a digital world.


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