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How can we empower humanity through technology? On July 11th, 2019, the wider tech community will gather in Munich to find the answers. With over 40 speakers and artists, six tracks, four stages and many workshops, 1E9 the_conference will address the technological disruptions of our time, including artificial intelligence, new mobility or the future of the internet.

Explore our future with leading experts! Daniel Krauss (FlixMobility), Daniel Cremers (Artisense) and Martin Fröhlich (Deutsche Bahn) will discuss where we stand on our way to clean, automated and connected mobility. Crypto economist Shermin Voshmgir (TU Vienna), Sebnem Rusitschka (Freeelio, The Sun Protocol) and Christoph Jentzsch (Ethereum, believe in the power of blockchain and will present a vision of tokenisation and decentralisation making the world more social, transparent and sustainable. How AI-driven design and 3D printers can lead to a more sustainable manufacturing will be the focus of Lin Kayser (Hyperganic).

Joscha Bach (AI Foundation) is convinced that Artificial Intelligence can help us better understand the human motivation and cognition. Former SpaceX-VP Bulent Altan will share how Mynaric wants to connect the whole world to the internet via satellite laser communication. Ben Livshits, the Chief Scientist at Brave Software, shows new ways of how we can regain sovereignty over our data on the web. And Simon Haddadin’s collaborative robots from Franka Emika prove that the future of human-machine interaction doesn’t have to be terrifying. Daniel Metzler (Isar Aerospace) and Robert Boehme (PTScientists) introduce the next steps of the expansion into space. Scroll down for a full list of confirmed speakers!

Stunning art opens new perspectives on technology! Motifs for Marc Gumpingers oil on canvas paintings, that will be shown at 1E9 the_conference, are created by algorithms. He will also give a live animation art performance. Biopolitical artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg will present her latest work the lovesick virus, created to spread love and empathy. Former robo-dancer Christian “Mio” Loclair from studio Waltz Binaire will show a new piece of AI art that blurs the boundaries between human and machine creativity. And Ronit Wolf, the princess of the western spiral arm of the milkyway (who’s also organizing the Munich Science & Fiction Festival), will surprise the audience with an interactive performance the world has never seen before.

Every track focuses on the positive impact of technology! These are the leading questions of our six conference tracks: How can we make AI and robots work for us? How can we create a clean, smart and connected mobility? How could a decentralized future improve our life? How should the internet of the future look like? How can technology boost sustainability? And how can we extend the spheres of humanity in space and on earth?

Munich is Germany’s deep tech hub! 1E9 the_conference takes place right in the heart of Munich: at the iconic Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest technology museum, at Isarforum, a historic landmark turned into a state-of-the-art convention space, and at Blitz, Munich’s finest techno and electronic music club. All locations are within walking distance. And there is a beer garden!

An inclusive gathering for everyone who cares about our future! 1E9 the_conference is the new gathering place for the wider tech community – for entrepreneurs, developers, scientists, nerds, artists, politicians, students, journalists and everyone who cares about tomorrow.

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Full list of confirmed speakers:

Bulent Altan (SpaceX, Mynaric)
Shermin Voshmgir (Institute for Cryptoeconomics, Blockchainhub)
Daniel Krauss (FlixMobility)
Christoph Jentzsch (Ethereum, The DAO, Slock.It)
Simon Haddadin (Franka Emika)
Sebnem Rusitschka (Freeelio)
Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Biopolitcal Artist, Lovesick Virus)
Lin Kayser (Hyperganic)
Ben Livshits (Brave Software)
Ronit Wolf (Munich Science & Fiction Festival)
Martin Fröhlich (Deutsche Bahn New Horizons)
Daniel Metzler (Isar Aerospace)
Wolfgang M. Heckl (Deutsches Museum)
Alexandra Sharon Bause (
Joscha Bach (AI Foundation)
Isabell Welpe (Professor for Strategy & Organization, TU Munich)
Christian Mio Loclair (Waltz Binaire)
Daniel Cremers (Artisense)
Kevin Adler (Miracle Messages)
Christoph Peterka (THE
Robert Boehme (PTScientists)
Marc Gumpinger (Artist)
…and many more to come!

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