Heute um 20 Uhr: Startup Scouting by 1E9 @Waterkant20!

Tune in tonight, July 15th, at 8 PM for the 1E9 Startup Scouting Session at Waterkant Festival 2020 - featuring Steffen Geyer from simplinic, Mark Kugel from yuri, Sarah Berlin from DEOXY and Martin Schichtel from KRAFTBLOCK!

Find the Livestream here: https://live.waterkant.sh/
Have a look at the program here: https://www.waterkant.sh/program

Technology alone won’t save the world. But without technology we won’t achieve a better future either. Fortunately, there are many startups that are not only working on the next online shop or delivery service, but on real solutions for real problems. 1E9 introduces four startups that are concerned about climate change, our health and our healthcare system. Their pitches will take you into space and into the tiny worlds of our cells. They will show you how we can use the heat of industrial factories to tackle our energy problems and how we can give hospital staff more time for their patients.

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