Angela Kesselring, Zukunftsstrategin, 72.22 + PROGRESS BEING MADE

Angela Kesselring, Zukunftsstrategin , 72.22 + PROGRESS BEING MADE

Angela Kesselring is an expert for social impact communication and collaboration management. 2020 she founded PROGRESS BEING MADE as strategy consultancy network in Munich. With an expertise of 15+ years in media (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and 5 years as an Advisor of the Kreativlabor (Kreativquartier) of the City of Munich, she has deep understanding of the ongoing changes that are shaping city transformation, public discourse and the needs for transformational growth. PROGRESS BEING MADE collaborates with cities, internationally reknown foundations, NGOs, SMBs, digital companies, social scientists, facilitators and media experts from Europe, USA and Africa.