A new Era of Wealth in a Post-Capitalism & Post-Socialist world

I’m new to the community, and wanted to introduce the work/thoughts that got me introduced to 1e9 at Hackers Congress:

And the corresponding article on HackerNoon, http://free.eco/

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Welcome to 1E9 and thanks for sharing the concept of Freeism, which is fascinating. I have some questions that refer to your article on HackerNoon, maybe you’ll find the time to answer them. Might clear things up for me!

  • How should coffee and apartments be post-scarce products? On paper, there may be more empty homes than homeless people, but their regional distribution probably does not match. Building new homes in areas like San Francisco and New York, where there are not enough apartments, consumes scarce land and natural resources. Coffee also needs natural resources. In particular, both products consume energy and cause CO2 emissions… For me, the concept of post-scarecity for digital products seems more obvious (even though I’m not sure if digital products will still be produced once the concept of artificial scarcity, which increases prices now, is abolished). Perhaps you could explain this in more detail?
  • Why do you define capitalism as a zero sum game? Every company is responsible for value creation. And the money supply continues to grow. I’m not quite sure if I understood everything you wrote regarding this point (not native english speaker here :wink: )
  • If „wealth“ is generated by giving as much as possible… doesn’t the concept automatically end with natural resources being exploited much faster than is already the case? Will we not consume even more and ruin the planet?

While the questions might sound a bit picky, I really think that it’s about time for new economic models that take digital products into account that just didn’t exist when capitalism and socialism were created - and the basic idea of Freeism, that the rich man is the one who gives more to society, is a great idea.

What I think is best about your concept of Freeism is that we can just try it out without having to overthrow the whole system… That is, we could just see if Freeism would lead to the results we had hoped for in practice. And if not, we can simply stick to the existing system.

(Oh, one more think: Books, newspapers, movies etc. have always been pretty close to post-scarce products, I think.)

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