1E9 THE_CONFERENCE - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Event Attendance

General Terms & Conditions for Ticket Purchase with 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH

I. - II. Scope, object and formation of the contract

The following General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) shall exclusively govern the contractual relationship between 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH, represented by its Founders Wolfgang Kerler and Krischan Lehmann, hereinafter referred to as the „Organiser“, and the customer.

These T&Cs shall apply exclusively. Terms and conditions of the customer which contradict with or depart from these T&Cs shall not be deemed incorporated into the contract.

The object of the contract shall be the sale of tickets by the Organiser to the customer for the specific 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH event advertised in each case.

The customer may only buy tickets for the event from the Organiser’s website. A valid contract is formed between the parties at such time as the order process is completed and full payment for the tickets is made.

Tickets grant the customer access to the respective event hosted by 1E9 (in Munich or other city) for the duration of the event.

III. Performance of the contract

The purchase of tickets is conducted by our co-operation partner Eventbrite DE GmbH, Chaussee Str. 116, 10115 Berlin. The contract with the customer remains 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH. The purchase price shall fall due for payment at such time as the tickets are ordered. The customer shall choose between different payment methods, namely Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express), direct debit and direct transfer (“Sofortüberweisung”).

Following receipt of payment in full by the Organiser, the Organiser shall forward the tickets to the customer at his specified email address. The customer shall receive no additional tickets by post or fax. The customer shall be solely responsible for safe-guarding the tickets and for bringing them with him to the event. In the event that the customer has purchased concession rate tickets (e.g. Student Ticket), the customer shall produce the necessary proof of eligibility when entering the event. Tickets are to be presented at registration upon entering the venue, customers can provide a hard copy as well as a digital version on a mobile device.

Ticket prices are final and in Euro with VAT and processing fees included. The amount of the price refers to the current prices on our website. The final price is shown to the customer before completing the purchase.

IV. Rights and obligations

‍Customers are obliged to check received tickets for errors regarding price, date, event and venue.

The Organiser shall have the right to alter the content, running and locations of events at short notice. The Organiser shall source an equivalent substitute, if possible. This shall not give rise to any right on the part of the customer to rescind the contract and/or cancel the tickets.

The customer shall assure that the person, which will be using the ticket, fulfils the requirements to do so. In case the person is not fulfilling the requirements, a right to participate will not be purchased and entrance will be refused.

Objections are to made as soon as possible, latest 3 days after receiving the ticket. They can be made via email to hallo@onebillion.tech.

Name changes will be facilitated up to 7 days prior to the commencement of the event. The new ticket user has to fulfil the requirements stated above. No name changes will be facilitated 7 days prior to the commencement of the event.

The parties agree that 1E9 events are global networking events, which lives on the names of its participants. Appropriate to this fact the organiser is allowed to publish the information provided by the customer or to forward this data to third parties. Tickets are to be kept safely in order not to be reproduced by third parties.

In case of loss and/or improper use of the ticket, customers cannot claim access to the event or reimbursement of the ticket price.

V. Cancellation and Revocation

‍The Organiser shall be released from its duty to perform the contract in the event of force majeure. Force majeure shall be deemed to include all unforeseen events and events as to which neither party bears responsibility for the effects thereof on the performance of the contract. In the event of cancellation, any fees already paid shall be refunded; liability for any further claims is hereby disclaimed, except in cases of intentional acts or omissions or gross negligence.

A revocation for customers does not exist with contracts for the provision of services when the contract for the service refers to a specific timeframe (§ 312g Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 9 BGB).

Ticket redemption does not apply unless for reasons mentioned above. No replacement is offered in case of loss.

VI. Resale, contract penalty, suspended events

‍Tickets can only be purchased for personal use. Purchase for profitable repurchase (commercial use) is prohibited. An exemption is the raffle of tickets by co-operation partners of 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH in social networks.

Name changes on tickets are generally possible unless one of the below objections apply:

The third person is prohibited entry to the venue

The ticket purchase was conducted by an unauthorised third party, eg Ebay

The ticket was acquired in an unauthorized raffle.Every customer who resells a ticket in an unauthorized way has to pay a contract penalty for each ticket sold to 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH. The individual amount of the penalty is to be settled at discretion of the organiser. The organiser also has the right to revoke access to the event in case of but not limited to the entrainment of forbidden objects, an obvious alcoholised or intoxicated state or a violation of protection of minors. In those cases tickets lose their validity, the prices will not be reimbursed.

This applies for organisers of events suspended by 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH as well. Suspended events include (but are not limited) to unauthorized satellite events.

VII. Photographs and recordings

‍Abidance at the event is at the customer’s own risk.

The customer hereby expressly confirms his agreement that the Organiser and accredited partners and media shall have the right to take photographs or make recordings of the customer before and during the entire event, and to publish, disseminate and circulate the same on the Internet, in print media and other media.

The commercial use of own photos and footage taken at the venue of the 1E9 event requires agreement by the Organiser.

VIII. Guarantee, liability, release, lost & found

‍Legal rights of guarantee apply.

1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH is liable without limitations referring to the Product Liability Act for premeditated or grossly negligent caused damages, malicious concealment of deficits as well as for damages on life, body or health.

In case of minor negligent caused damages 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH is only liable for damages regarding contractual obligations.

For a detailed list regarding 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH’s liability please refer to the German version of our T&C.

A stall for lost & found items is located in the entrance area of the venue. Visitors can turn items in at the stall when found throughout the event. In case of having lost an item visitors can contact 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH via email to hallo@onebillion.tech with an exact description of the item. 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH can deposit unclaimed items after a period of 3 months after the event.