1E9 is looking for startups that save the world!

If you’re a startup with an idea that could solve one the world’s problems, you shouldn’t miss the 1E9 Startup Challenge. You can win stage time at 1E9 the_conference on July 11th in Munich, free tickets and coverage in our digitale magazine!

The Challenge:

Create a 1 minute video in which you answer the following question: „How do you or does your startup empower humanity through technology?“ Send the video (or a download link) together with a short written intro about you and your startup to: hallo@onebillion.tech - we’ll accept applications until July 3rd!

The Format:

We will choose 8 to 12 finalists that will get the chance to pitch on our conference stage. The winners are selected by the jury and the audience. Convince the crowd - and you’ll win! To achieve that, you’ll have 2 minutes for your pitch, followed by a short round of questions.

The Price:

All finalists will be covered in our 1E9 digital magazine and our social channels, and they will receive 2 free tickets for 1E9 the_conference + 50% off for your family & friends. The top 3 pitches will be announced and celebrated on the keynote stage and will get a cover story in our 1E9 digital magazine. More prices will be announced soon!

1E9 the_conference is your one day deep dive into the future of technology. Learn about new visions for artificial intelligence, robots, blockchain, computing and biotech. Discuss latest ideas for smart mobility, for reconquering our privacy and for reconciling technology and sustainability. And dream of space with us! Join uns on July 11th in Munich!

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