Let’s prompt to the collective intelligence of the brightest minds in tech, science and art!

Whether you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, Web3, ClimateTech, LifeSciences, the Metaverse or Space: At the „Festival of the Future“ you’ll get the information and contacts you need for yourself and your organization to thrive. But what’s the one thought, the one tagline that connects all this? We think it’s: prompt.

Prompt. If there is one word that stands above this year’s festival program, it’s this one. Because prompting is becoming a future skill right now. With our prompts, our inputs, we tell Artificial Intelligences like ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion what questions to answer or what content to create. But prompt also means now, immediately, quickly. And indeed, in so many areas, things need to happen quickly if we are to meet global challenges and seize future opportunities. From climate change to cyberattacks to wars, pandemics and inequality, the future is full of uncertainty and risk.

So, let’s prompt the collective intelligence of thought leaders and experts from start-ups and industry, science, art and politics to find answers and solutions together!

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and join us for the Festival of the Future 2023!

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