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How can we empower humanity through technology? Let’s find the answers and shape a better future together. Join us for fruitful discussions, inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops and mind-blowing art.
Lin Kayser
Founder of Hyperganic, enabling the programming of atoms and matter. #3D_Printing
Simon Haddadin
Founder of Franka Emika, creating the world's leading collaborative robot. #Robotics
Ronit Wolf
Princess of the western spiral arm of the milkyway, organizing the Munich Science & Fiction Festival. #Arts
Ben Livshits
Chief Scientist at Brave Software, building the fastest growing privacy focused browser. #Privacy
Bulent Altan
Board Member at Mynaric, former leading rocket engineer @SpaceX. #Space
Alexandra Sharon Bause
Founder of, developing innovation that improves human life. #Biotech
Shermin Voshmgir
Director of the Institute for Cryptoeconomics in Vienna, caring about the social impact of future technologies. #Blockchain
Daniel Cremers
Chief Scientist at Artisense, decade long leader in computer vision algorithms. #AI
Kevin Adler
Founder of Miracle Messages, reuniting the homeless with their loved ones with technology. #Tech4Good
Christoph Jentzsch
Founder of, Ethereum and the DAO, the company that consists of code. #Blockchain
Sebnem Rusitschka
Founding Member Bundesverband Blockchain, CEO at Freeelio and the Sun Protocol. #Sustainability
Daniel Krauss
Founder and CIO of Flixbus, a progressive tech leader out of passion. #Mobility
Conference Tracks:
  • Making artificial intelligence and robots work for us.
  • Creating a clean, smart and connected mobility.
  • Blockchain and beyond: Towards a decentralized future.
  • Privacy, openness, digital identity: New paradigms for the internet.
  • New Frontiers: Extending the spheres of humanity in space and on earth.
  • Ideas for a sustainable, liveable and healthy life and planet.
4+ Stages:
Keynote Stage // Townhall // Oxford Arena // Speakers’ Corner